Lawyers in Schools

A unique skills-based employee volunteering scheme.

Citizenship Foundation

Lawyers in Schools is a unique skills-based employee volunteering opportunity designed to increase young people’s awareness and understanding of the law. The flexible programme links law firms, in-house legal teams and chambers with local secondary schools, predominantly in economically deprived areas.  It provides opportunities for practising and trainee lawyers to engage students in interactive discussions about various legal issues relevant to their daily lives.

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The programme was established in 1999 in partnership with Linklaters and is run by the Citizenship Foundation.

This academic year there are 39 law firms, in-house legal teams and chambers participating. Please click here to see our current partners.


Is helping young people learn about the law good for business?

if you are interested in coming to our Pro Bono week event to hear BBC Worldwide, Centrica, J.P. Morgan and Olswang LLP lawyers discuss why they volunteer in schools. 

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'Should someone be sent to prison and deprived of their liberty for an offence that involves no violence, no threats and no sexual assault?' (Prof Andrew Ashworth)

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