Benefits for Schools

How Lawyers in Schools benefits schools, teachers and young people.

Citizenship Foundation

Helps young people understand the law

The sessions cover the law-related elements of the citizenship curriculum - an area that is notoriously difficult for teachers to engage students with. Students respond particularly well to learning about the law from legal professionals. The activities are engaging and thought-provoking, encouraging an evaluative approah to thinking and talking about the law. The materials are written by educational experts and updated annually. They aid volunteers to engage students in the topics relevant to their daily lives.

Skills development

Teachers have reported that students develop many useful skills including critical thinking, speaking and debating skills, negotiation and problem solving and confidence. With the focus on discussion and debate and group work, students learn how to interact with their peers and with adults in a constructive way.

Raises aspirations

Meeting lawyers in a comfortable enviornment enables students to ask questions and see firsthand that a career in law, or other profession, might well be achievable for them.

Interaction with professional role models

Students improve their interaction with adults through meeting and working with professionals.

Enjoyable for students

The programme is taught with an active learning approach. Small group work promotes stimulating and thought-provoking debate. Students are encouraged to express, justify and defend their personal opinions about the law in a way that larger class activities are less able to do.