Participation Fee

Your participation benefits students throughout the UK and beyond by helping to ensure the sustainability and expand the scope of the programme.

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The participation fee:

We also save you time and money by enabling you concentrate your resources in other areas while knowing that you’re participating in a programme with a proven impact (we even write the report for you!).  From developing the materials to selecting a school – we use our expertise so that you can focus on your day to day business.  There many budgets you can draw from to fund your participation: CSR, Marketing, Training, Team building, Business Development or Client Engagement just to name a few.  


In order to keep the structure as simple as possible, we have a base fee which covers participation in 1 jurisdiction, with the choice to add additional options as you wish. The base fee is calculated on a sliding scale according to the size and location of the company. 


What’s included?

Initial consultancy and support with set-up

Volunteer recruitment support

Volunteer training 

Recruitment of one school

Arranging sessions for one class

On-going support, monitoring and troubleshooting of sessions for one class

Inclusion in Lawyers in Schools evaluation report

Partnership specific report for one class

Units, including YCP’s for one class


Inclusion on Lawyers in Schools website

Annual review meeting (general catch up)

Annual review meeting (partnership specific)

Teacher review meeting

One client


Fees 2017/18

Base Fee 

These fees are for the full brokerage model in England and Wales. The fees are slightly different to deliver the programme in other jurisdictions (including Scotland). Feel free to get in touch to discuss the fees further.


UK Law firms (# UK-based lawyers)

Corporate Partners







Outside ranking lists

In FTSE 100 /Fortune 500

Outside ranking lists

Top 30 










If you are a very small firm and would like to discuss the options available to you, please do get in touch. 


Adding value:

If your business would like to participate in Lawyers in Schools in more than 1 location, with multiple classes/schools, or with multiple clients, you will not need to pay an additional base fee, but can choose to add value as needed from the options below. 




Additional training session


Telephone training


Additional School (includes additional class)


Additional Class (at existing school)


Additional Client


Extra sessions full model