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Increasingly, international law firms are centralising their corporate responsibility programmes and encouraging their offices in other countries to expand their community engagement.  European Lawyers in Schools offers an exciting opportunity to develop - or even begin - your globally integrated corporate responsibility programme. 

Lawyers in Schools has over 15 years of proven success in the UK and has received such positive feedback from students, lawyers, and teachers that we are now expanding to offer the programme in other countries.  As a well-established model, Lawyers in Schools can be picked up and adapted with ease, providing a way to link local corporate responsibility initiatives across the region and develop a sense of international volunteer camaraderie.

Now more than ever, young people need effective citizenship education that prepares them to take part in democratic society.  The future of the European Union, and individual countries' roles within it, are uncertain and youth unemployment percentages are hitting double digits across the EU.  European Lawyers in Schools provides an excellent and timely opportunity to explore some of society's most important questions in depth with the young people who will shape the future. 

We aim to bring effective and engaging public legal education to young people in jurisdictions throughout the EU- and beyond!  Work with us towards a society where everybody knows their rights and responsibilities and feels empowered to influence society for the better. 

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