Updates on the scheme

Citizenship Foundation

Lawyers in Schools asked to speak at Olswang’s inaugural CR Summit Wednesday, 8th June 2016

The Project Co-ordinator on the Lawyers in Schools’ team, Therri Tait, was delighted to be invited to speak at Olswang’s inaugural CR Summit. Olswang take part in the Citizenship Foundation’s Lawyers in Schools programme as well as their Boom, Bust & Crunch programme.
Therri spoke as part of a panel discussion which examined successful partnerships between businesses and charities, looking at how they are formed and maintained.
The key pieces of advice which the panel gave to businesses and charities were as follows:
  • Aligning the goals of the CR programme with the goals of the business gives the programme sturdy foundations to be built upon
  •  Creating an employee volunteering programme which utilises the unique skills of the employees to produce a programme which is impactful
  • Regular communication between the parties to ensure that expectations are being met and any problems which arise are dealt with immediately

The Lawyers in Schools team would like to thank Olswang for inviting them to speak at this fantastic event.