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Lawyers in Schools Evaluation Report 2012/13 out now! Friday, 13th September 2013

We are pleased to announce that the 2012/13 Lawyers in Schools evaluation report is now available. The report highlights the impacts the programme makes on all that take part and showcases the development and growth that the programme has gone through over the past year.

Lawyers in Schools continues to exceed its aims of raising young people’s awareness and understanding of the law and developing their legal capability: Students and volunteers also benefit from the programme in a host of other ways including skills development, raising student aspirations and by providing networking opportunities for volunteers and organisations.  These are a few examples, but as the report shows, the list goes on.

Two of our favourite statistics - that over a third of students’ favourite part of the sessions was the discussions with the legal professionals and that 63% most enjoyed working with the volunteers because of their knowledge - demonstrates the value that the volunteers bring to the Lawyers in Schools programme.  It is their knowledge, experience and anecdotes which bring law to life, helping the students to learn and feel inspired.

It was also wonderful to hear that by working in partnership with one or more of their clients on the Lawyers in Schools programme, our partner organisations have been able to strengthen key client relationships and generate further business opportunities.

‘Our relationship with the client has moved on and is definitely stronger. It also led to the generation of new work for the firm.’ Volunteer Coordinator, CMS Cameron McKenna.

The report also highlights our international work and the exciting opportunity that we are offering to organisations to get involved with Lawyers in Schools expansion and growth in Europe. For more information about this, please contact Emma Watts - Project Manager 

The full evaluation report can be found by following the link below