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Citizenship Foundation

AccessSolicitor offers LiS pro bono marketing support Tuesday, 3rd December 2013

ACCESSSOLICITOR.COM, an online legal directory of nearly 13,000 lawyers, has teamed up with Lawyers in Schools as part of its long-term commitment to ensure the British public understand their legal rights.

Warren Smith, founder and Chief Executive of ACCESSSOLICITOR.COM said, “Lawyers in School is an amazing initiative and we are extremely proud to be involved.

“One of the reasons I set up is because I passionately believe accessing legal services should be straight-forward and transparent. Looking for a lawyer can be daunting at best and intimidating at worst, and our business is designed to change that.

“But we also need to better educate our young people about the profession, how it works and what it means to them. That is why we have happily agreed to provide pro bono marketing support for the Citizenship Foundation’s Lawyers in Schools  programme.”

Lawyers in Schools is a unique education programme led by employee volunteers that increases young people’s awareness and understanding of the law. It brings together local secondary schools, predominately in economically deprived areas, with firms, in-house legal teams and barristers’ chambers to gives students the chance to engage with lawyers on legal issues that are relevant to their lives.

Lawyers in Schools, Project Manager Emma Watts said, “We are passionate about bringing the law to life for young people. Working with partners across the profession is key to engaging students in the law, and we are thrilled that has agreed to support us."

"With reductions in Legal Aid, it is now more important than ever for citizens to know their legal rights and responsibilities.  Lawyers in Schools is aiming to expand the programme across the UK so that children across the country are taught how to engage with the legal system we live in.  AccessSolicitor’s support will help us to reach more firms to tell them about this great programme and how they can get involved.”

Warren Smith added: “The legal profession is undergoing radical change and engagement with young people is more important than ever before.”