Lawyers in Schools

The scheme in more detail and where it sits in education

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Lawyers in Schools is a skills-based employee volunteering programme designed to raise young people's awarenss and understanding of the law.

Legal organisations sign up to the programme for the full brokerage service offered by the Lawyers in Schools team - from initial consultancy to ongoing monitoring and support, including:

Across six one-hour sessions, a group of lawyers volunteer their time to facilitate learning and stimulate discussions with small groups of students in the classroom on a range of legal topics. At each session the volunteers use interactive activities designed to generate discussion.The activities are mapped onto the curriculum and support students' citizenship education.

Written by educational experts, the Lawyers in Schools materials cover the following topics:

What is citizenship education?

Most of the Lawyers in Schools sessions are run in citizenship lessons, which aim to equip young people with the skills, knowledge and understanding to play effective roles in their local communities and society as a whole.

For more information about the citizenship curriculum and current school and education issues please visit The Department for Education website.

For more information on school and community-based projects run by the Citizenship Foundation, please visit the Citizenship Foundation website.

What is public legal education (PLE)?

Public legal education equips people with the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to successfully resolve problems in everyday life.

The Citizenship Foundation began as the Law in Education project in 1984, so we have a long history of designing and developing legal education projects.

Lawyers is just one of the programmes which aims to help young people understand the law, To see other legal education programmes run by the Citizenship Foundation please click here.